Frequently Asked Questions about Workers' Compensation

I have been hurt on the job. What do I do?
You should notify your employer as soon as possible. The notice may be given to the foreman, supervisor, personnel office, or anyone in authority at the employer's place of business. Although not necessary, it will help your case if notice is given in writing.
When should I see a doctor?
Seek medical attention immediately. Often, your employer will refer you to a medical facility. However, as an injured worker, you have the right to choose your own doctor.
Do I need an Attorney to represent me?
This is a matter of personal choice. The workers' compensation system can be complex and difficult to understand.  As a result, many injured workers choose to have an attorney represent them. It is always a good idea to have a consultation with an attorney so that your legal rights are fully explained. I offer a
free initial consultation with no obligation.
Can my employer fire me because I filed a workers' compensation claim and hired an attorney to represent me?
Absolutely not. There are laws that prevent an employer from taking action against you for filing a claim or hiring an attorney.
How long do I have to file a claim?
You have two (2) years from the date of your injury to file a workers' compensation claim. If the claim is not filed within two (2) years, it may be forever barred.

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